The Sitting Room University, 2011 - 2014

A collective peripatetic and experimental education project project co-founded and co-coordinated with William McCrory.  

The Sitting Room University (SRU) ran from 2011 to 2014, bringing together academics, artists, activists and other interested parties to focus on the relationship between spaces of art, experimental pedagogy, and radical politics, resulting in a number of different outputs, including participation in exhibitions, the formation of discussion groups and a temporary alternative school.

Landmark Seizures, Aid+Abet, Cambridge, UK, May 2013. For this experimental show in which the notions of art and use (value) were interrogated, the SRU attempted to build a media hub from a Raspberry Pi during one of the workshops that took place each Saturday – anessay on politico-aesthetic collectivisation was also written for the accompanying literature

Our School Project, Supernormal, Brazier’s Park, UK, August 2012. For this alternative arts festival the SRU created a makeshift school for the weekend – art and design, (psycho-) geography, (situationist) PE, (impromptu) drama, and science lessons were all (reasonably) well attended

o  e-flux Discussion Group project Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham, UK, June 2012. The SRU facilitated a discussion relating to issue #34 of e-flux journal, and was commissioned to create a bespoke rear cover for the printed version of the journal

The Possibility of the Impossible, One Thoresby Street, Nottingham, UK, February - April 2012. The SRU facilitated a twelve-week reading and discussion group centred on radical political philosophy and based upon a reading list and seminar-style discussion group of the same name originally designed and hosted by The White Square Society in London

o  Rancière Reading Group, various locations, April - June 2011. A reading group focused on the relation between art and politics in the work of Rancière

Our School Project images courtesy of Sam Fransisco