Free Your Probe Head! (2019)
Sal Fontaine’s contribution to The Annotated Reader, an exhibition-as-publication or publication-as-exhibition, by Ryan Gander and Jonathan P. Watts

“Imagine you’ve missed the last train. Is there one piece of writing that you would want with you for company in the small hours? Perhaps this text transformed your thinking. It might be a mantra continually returned to. Perhaps it is a text you felt should be read by younger generations or that you wish you’d encountered as a student.

Artist Ryan Gander and critic and writer Jonathan P. Watts put this question to a range of creatives, artists, academics, writers, musicians, and designers, inviting them to suggest such a piece of writing and then annotate it. The annotations add a further layer to the texts, demonstrating and suggesting ways of reading, displaying thought, complicating the relationship between image and text, reading and looking.”

The Annotated Reader has been shown widely, beginning at London’s Cork Street Galleries, before touring locations across the UK, Europe and North America, including Great Yarmouth (originalprojects); M HKA Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp; Lewis Center for the Arts, New York; Quartz Studio, Milan; Printed Matter’s Art Book Fair, New York; Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh; and Castlefield Gallery, Manchester. It was published by Dent-de-Leone in 2019.